We are a reliable partner in mining & construction

E. Hartikainen Oy is one of the largest mining & construction contractors in Finland. We employ over 400 people all over Finland. 

Over five decades of experience in contracting and trust in the Company's operations have enabled the Company to get significant projects at national level.

E. Hartikainen Oy is known for the Company’s high quality and efficient operations optimizing customer's production and productivity in safe manner. 

Key operational functions are Mining services, Infrastructure construction work for industry and mining companies, Harbours and dams.  Our Special Know-How includes Rock drilling and blasting, Soil and rock excavation and Crushing services. Annual production is estimated over 50 million tons.

Skilled personnel, strong- and robust equipment and reliable partnerships are the key to the success of the Company.  We do as we promise properly in one go.

Responsibility and our working method

Together with our clients, we are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable mining. We are known for our high quality; the safety of work conditions and the end result always forms the basis for our operations, and we aim to maintain level zero in accidents. 

We want to be both a responsible partner for our customers anda a responsible employer for our personnel. In 2021 we made a current state analysis and target state mapping of our responsilibity themes and actions for the following years.

In terms of environmental sustainability we strive to reduce Co2 emissions in all our operations. 

Responsibility does not only consist of environmental sustainability, but social sustainability and good governance also play an important role. In terms of social sustainability, our goal is to increase the company's  recognition and enhance the effectiveness of employer image.


We follow the principles of good governance in all operations.

Our carefully planned and continuously developing business operating system ensures that our services are carried out flawlessly and on schedule from day to day and project to project. To us, a mining contract is not only about getting the job done but also about offering the most innovative, cost-efficient and safe solutions to the mining and constuction industry in order to guarantee the success of our clients.

Success consists of many components: recognizing and assessing risks (we know how to work efficiently and safely), safety announcements (information on accidents, corrective measures and dangerous incidents is shared with all), open discussion and interaction on occupational safety both internally and with clients, safety-first attitude among workers and within the workplace and continuous improvement.

To us, every contract is about constant learning and teamwork where safety, quality and productivity are the measures of success.

Our fleet and resources

E. Hartikainen Oy owns more than 250 machine units. We are in charge of their quality, maintenance and repair ourselves.

Our staff consists of many professional groups, such us drillers, loaders,  haul truck drivers, fueling operators, road construction workers, welders, mechanics and surveyors. maintenance operations are of the best quality in the world. 

Our strengths are  our well-trained personnel, versatile work experience, vast expertise, ability to react quickly and flexibly to construction site resource needs as well as modern work methods and top-quality tools.



E. Hartikainen Oy's operations began already in 1965 when Ensio Hartikainen founded the company in his name to Outokumpu in North Karelia. The company has grown over the years from a one-man business to a nationally important contractor.

Today, the company operates all over Finland and has taken part in several nationally important projects. We are a reliable business partner, and in recognition of that, we have been awarded different prices including  Yara's The World Plate, MANK Ry's and Pohjola Insurance's safety awards.

Our Vision

We are a leading operator in mining & contruction industry. We are seeking growth by developing new, efficient, safe and sustainable solutions in our operating area.


In our part, we promote the profitability of our clients' businesses by offering advanced, cost-efficient, safe and sustainable solutions to mine operations.


We finish the work without excuses, we are able to minimise risks and make hard decisions.

We are honest and respect our clients, we give and receive constructive feedback, instead of placing blame, we take responsibility and operate rightfully.

Our goals are clear, we know how to boost our work and manage our teams.

We set ambitious goals, demand high-quality results and face unexpective circumstances boldly.

Come and work with us

With us, you work for a solid and reliable Family company with the best professionals in the field, the highest quality machines and within interesting, nationally significant projects. We take care of our employees and our employees are committed. We support employees ’professional development and career paths are built together in the company’s diverse roles.

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