Traffic routes

Veckjärventie and Teollisuustie streets' traffic circle, Porvoo
City of Porvoo

  • Altering the existing crossroad into a traffic circle without disturbing traffic, renewal of water management at the intersection: soil cutting approx. 5000 m3ktr.
  • Municipal infrastructure gravity collector/pressure sewer pipe 160200 mm 350 m, water pipe 63160 mm 260 m, rainwater sewer pipe 110250 mm 350 m.
  • Mounting streetlight bases and drawing cabling.
  • Asphalting in total approx. 10000 m2, pavements in total approx. 500 m2, curbstones approx. 700 m, green areas, road signs.
  • Coordinating third party work as for the removal of existing cable lines.

Reconstructing of Hollolankatu, Lahti
City of Lahti

  • Reconstructing the main entrance road to the city of Lahti (approx. 500 m):
  • Removal of existing pavement structures approx. 10000 m3ktr.
  • New asphalt superstructures, curbstones and pavements 12000 m2tr.
  • Constructing municipal infrastructure water pipe 110 100 m; rainwater sewer pipe branches 200 mm and restoring gutter inlets.
  • Cabling of streetlights and mounting streetlight bases, other work on street lightning as subordinate subcontract.
  • Reconstruction of the underpass of bicycle and pedestrian traffic routes under Hollolankatu and building a retaining wall.

Renewal of Tiukutie street and building municipal infrastructure, Iitti
Iitti municipality

  • Renewal of an old street in a residential area 0.5 km and building new municipal infrastructure. Stripping topsoil and cutting approx. 6000 m3ktr.
  • Structural courses of the street in total approx. 3000 m3rtr, asphalting approx. 2000 m2tr.
  • Building municipal infrastructure gravity collector 160 400 m, water pipe 110 mm 400 m, rainwater sewer pipe 315 mm 400 m, house branches in total 23 pc.
  • Organizing and ensuring the functionality of water management and traffic arrangements during the entire project. Street lightning as subordinate subcontract.
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